Founded to help individuals start-up their own companies, by providing everything they will be needing from start-up advise to ideas that will help their business grow and gain patronage.
We have grown into a full fledged organization with wealth of experience and key partnerships that have distinguished us from others, and have set us above the rest. BT Fulcrum is growing into one of the most efficient and most trustred name in business in Nigeria.

We are recognized by companies, organizations and agencies such as the Greenwich school of Management, London; United Kingdom, the African Leaders Forum, and the South West Entreprenuerial Development Center (SW EDC), to mention but a few.


To give you the EDGE (Enterprise, Diligence, Genius and Excellence) in the market place, to make you the force to reckon with in the industry.


At BT Fulcrum, not only do we help you how to create value, we will also help you to capture, and utilize that value. But we don't just stop there, NO. It has only just begun, we now know how to help you optimize that value by helping you to leverage that value, thereby making it turnover more than it's actual worth.


BT Fulcrum is a part of a blue ocean of business consulting firms the world over. With services tailored towards advancing business activities and business best-practices, boost profits and better the lot of the people who use the products and services directly or indirectly, without undermining the importance to safeguard the environment and welfare of the habitants of the world and our planet as a whole.


"Our values? Evident in our behavior in the world, engraved in the very core of our being."
They are the parameters, the measure of who we are, who we want to be, and what we always want to be remembered for.
Professionalism: Meeting your every expectation.
Leadership: Exhibiting the courage to take you to the next level.
Collaboration: Working with the best, developing the rest.
Integrity: Staying true to you, and staying true to ourselves.
Accountability: Playing our part, playing it well.
Passion: Giving you the best, getting it done regardless.
Quality: At every turn, be the point of reference.
Productivity: Efficiently, effectively, delivering best results - fast.